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Greenville Art Workshops

Take home your own original masterpiece and express yourself through art at one of these fun and interactive workshops! Please see below for current workshop offerings.  Book a spot for a scheduled workshop by clicking below or contact us to reserve your space or conduct any of these as private workshops for you and your friends (four or more people please).  See you in the studio!

Street Art 101 


Tap your creativity and unleash your inner artist with this 90-minute spray paint workshop. This fun and interactive class will allow you the opportunity to learn the basics and create an original piece of pop style street art. Use your imagination while getting the ins and outs of working with spray paint and using stencils. This is not your standard "paint the centerpiece" art night out workshop. You will be making original, one-of-a-kind, never seen before  artwork. Join in and find out what you will create! (Ages 10+)

Please contact us if you are interested in including a personalized stencil (image of you, your loved one, your pet, your car, your logo, etc.) to use in your workshop.  +$20

Astronaut Street Art

Spray Therapy Session


Stressed out?  Tough work day? Just need a creative fix or some fun?  Let it all out and cut loose at Spray Therapy Sessions.  It's creative, it's therapeutic, and it's FUN.

$20 gets you a 12 x 16 panel canvas, the whole spectrum of available paint colors and stencil themes, protective gear and basic instruction and 1 - hour of studio time to have at it, cut loose and have a creative blast!

It's cheaper than therapy and better than lashing out at someone.  So come in and spray away!

Drop-ins are welcome, but space is limited, so reservations are recommended.


Private & Group Workshops

All of these workshops can be booked private just for you and your group by contacting us directly.


Be on the lookout for these themed workshops or privately book one at any time:


  • ​Sports Street Art

  • Couples Pop Art

  • Girls Night Out

  • Music Inspired Street Art

  • Family Portrait Pop Art

  • Pop Art Paint My Pet

  • Company Logo Stencil Work

Hope to see you in the studio!


Mixed Media Pop Art


Learn the nuts and bolts of mixed media pop art and draw from several different design methods like decoupage, stencil, line drawing, spray paint, digital and freehand to create a one-of-a-kind, original art piece. This 2-hour class will go through the essentials of pop art and give you the tools to create something brand new and have fun! Get creative. Get weird. Get your imagination back.

*Requires completion of Street Art 101

Pop Art Workshop

Specialty Themed Workshops

$45 (min. 4 people)

Have a favorite person, place, movie, song, book, anything that you want to reflect in an original street art piece (i.e. Taylor Swift)?  Set it up for your group!

If you have at least 4 people in your group, we will custom cut stencils for whatever theme you want for a super fun and memorable art experience.  Just contact us with your desired date and time and we'll do our best to get it schedule at the time that works best for you!

Get in touch today to set up your specialty themed workshop!

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