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Custom Artwork

Custom Pop Art Example


Pop Art 

Warhol and Lichtenstein have passed away.  And Banksy is too hard to find. But you're in luck!  Berea Arts & Retro will create and personalize an awesome piece of pop artwork that reflects you, your surroundings and your memories!  Get a handmade custom piece of Art delivered to your doorstep.  Let us know your interests, hobbies, history and passions, and provide us with photos and images that will help shape this pop art piece that you will love.  Decorate the house, use for a special event or give as an amazing gift, your custom piece will be one-of-a-kind and reflect you, or whatever subject you choose!

Personal Pop Art

Bad Portraits

Arts & Retro's Bad Portrait Department is your resource for bad portraits of you, your loved ones or pets.  These make great mementos, talking pieces, wall art or gifts and are just $20!  The best part:  Every dollar earned through Bad Portrait sales goes towards providing FREE workshops for Upstate South Carolina youth and elderly artists!

Bad Portrait
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