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 Upstate SC N64
Mario Kart 
Championship Tournament 


2023 N64 Mario Kart Tournament

December 9, 2023

Berea Arts & Retro

The best retro gamers in the upstate will face off in one of the most classic games of all time at this open-to-all tournament to take home the N64 Mario Kart Championship, a Cash Prize and bragging rights.  Qualification runs will be held through Tuesday December 5th, 2023 with the head-to-head bracket style tournament on December 9, 2023 to determine the Champion.


QualifyingQualifying is currently OPEN (See below to register).  Deadline to qualify is Tuesday, December 5th @ 5pm.  Qualifications must take place at Berea Arts & Retro with witness attest to official time.  Qualification will be based on BEST TIME on the following settings:  1P Mario GP Mode; 150cc class; Luigi Raceway


Participants may practice as much as they'd like beforehand, but must announce their official qualifying runs prior to the run to the Berea Arts & Retro official witness.  Best time of maximum of 2 official runs will be used.  Only 1 qualifying opportunity for each registrant.  The best times will advance to the bracket style tournament not to exceed 16 participants in the championship tournament.


Championship Tournament: To be held on Saturday, December 9th 2023 with first race beginning at 10:30am.  Tournament will be head-to-head, single elimination bracket style.  Racers will be seeded and allotted race time slots based upon their official qualifying times.  The First 2 bracket rounds will be best of 3 races under the following settings: 2P VS mode; 150cc class.  Race courses will be picked randomly (from a hat), with no possibility of duplicating a course in a given best of 3 series.  If both participants desire the same race character, both will yield and choose different characters.  No unmapped shortcuts are permitted (Koopa Troopa Beach tunnel is fair game). Winner of the best of 3 series will move to the next round.  The final championship round will be a best of 7 series.

Please fill out the form below or call us to schedule your qualifying run or just come in to the shop during our scheduled business hours and we will get you set up. 

Grand Prize:  $100 cash, Title Trophy, 2023 Champion Gift Package

Runner Up: Gift Package

*Contact Berea Arts & Retro with any additional questions

N64 Mario Kart Tournament Qualifying Schedule Request

Thank you, see you at qualifying!

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